How a Community Was Transformed

The village of La Union in Guatemala has undergone a meaningful shift in education, growth and involvement over the last 8+ years. Access Education has worked closely with partners and community members to not only change the lives of the people living in La Union but to transform the entire village itself.

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La Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta de La Unión

The School is located in the community of La Unión near the city of Coatepeque, Guatemala. Coatepeque is about 50 kilometers from the Mexican Border. l.

Instituto de Educación Básica por Cooperativa de La Unión

The school opened with 61 students and as of 2015 there were 300 students!

Basico 3


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November 11, 2017

Julie Trotta Memorial ISOCycle Ride

You are hereby invited to the first annual Julie Trotta Memorial ISOCycle Ride to support Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund.

When: Saturday November 11, 2017 starting at 8:00 am

Where: Striation 6, 33 Davisville Avenue, Lower Unit

Cost: $30 (100% of proceeds will be donated)

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Transforming a Community

After 8+ years, Access Education takes a closer look at how far the village of La Union has come. It is no surprise that the peoples lives and the health of the community has drastically improved over this time. Watch the video below to learn more about this thriving Guatemalan community.  


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