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Our Mission

Access Education – Guatemala Children’s Fund was founded in 2007 when Adrienne Rosen returned to Guatemala to visit the land where one of her daughters was born.

Our Mission

It Started with a Motorcycle Tour

Adrienne had a “crush” on Guatemala after spending some time there during the Guatemalan civil war when she was making her way around the world alone on a motorcycle. She was taken by the gentle spirit and beauty of the Mayan people and was awe-struck by how they kept their self-respect and respect for others even as they were victims of genocide and crimes against humanity.

There is No Future Without Education

The world had turned its back on Guatemala and its people and they needed help building from the ground up. When the civil war ended and society began to limp along again, the poor were left behind.

Illiteracy was the norm, education was the exception. It all begins with learning to read and write.  There is no future without an education.

Working to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Access Education – Guatemala Children’s Fund is committed to providing funds to schools which will enable every single child to attend primary school, middle school, high school and university.

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Access Education – Guatemala Children’s Fund is committed to building public schools where none exist - mostly in the area of Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango and Pajapita, San Marcos.

We are Actively on the Ground

Through our efforts, hundreds of children have been enrolled in school over the past ten years. In partnership with these communities, with these children and young adults, we are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and ignorance.

We are Building Trust – We are building Community - Together

We are building trust and community with the addition of the Escuela de los Padres – the Parent’s School. It is here that parents in the community learn to read and write as well as network with one another.  They see the benefits to the community as a whole.

We are moving through the country – one child at a time – one village at a time.  We believe in our lifetime that we can put every child in Guatemala in school.

We Believe Education is the Answer.
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