Board of Directors
Racheal Embury
After completing high school and some college courses, Racheal worked in a variety of jobs in different industries, repeatedly facing barriers to advancement based on the lack of university education.
In 2008, as the economic situation worsened into recession, Racheal left her position in Commercial Real Estate and decided to instead focus her time and efforts on her two young children to ensure that they would have access to the supports and guidance they needed to succeed.
One month as a stay-at-home mom turned into 12 years. Now the mother of two teenage daughters and wife of a busy trial lawyer, Racheal continues to devote most of her time to ensuring that her daughters obtain the educational advantages that she missed out on despite the barriers and challenges they face.
When she is not immersed in Grade 9 Algebra or Physics, Racheal enjoys painting and all aspects of creative design.  Racheal is a strong proponent of education, and the right of all children not only to have access to education but the family and community support necessary to make that access meaningful.