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La Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta de La Unión

The School is located in the community of La Unión near the city of Coatepeque, Guatemala. Coatepeque is about 50 kilometers from the Mexican Border.
students in uniform sitting in from to school

Nestled in the vibrant community of La Unión, near the border of Coatepeque, Guatemala, lies a school that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously faced with limited resources, this elementary school catered to approximately 850 children with only 15 classrooms, leaving many students to learn in outdoor recess areas that were often disrupted by rain. Enter Access Education. With unwavering dedication, we have built 12 additional classrooms, eliminating the rain-induced disruptions and providing a safe haven for learning. Today, the recess area is a joyful playground, and no child is deprived of education due to inclement weather.


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