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Instituto de Educación Básica por Cooperativa de La Unión

Students in La Unión had nowhere to go after completion of Grade Six. Access Education changed all of that in 2012.

In La Unión, the students faced uncertainty after completing Grade Six, as there were limited opportunities for further education. However, Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund intervened in 2012, collaborating with the Ministry of Education to establish Instituto Basico (middle school). This development brought hope and dreams to the students, who were now able to continue their education beyond elementary school.

Sra. Ruth Veronica Alvarado Jovél serves as the dedicated director and principal of the school, working tirelessly to uplift the community. Prior to the school's establishment, the youth in La Unión experienced a lack of prospects, marked by joblessness, poverty, and a sense of hopelessness. However, with the opening of Instituto Basico, they gained newfound aspirations. Access Education initially converted existing classrooms on the second level of the Elementary School and covered teachers' salaries for the first two years. As agreed, the Government of Guatemala assumed responsibility for infrastructure costs thereafter. Additionally, Access Education continues to support underprivileged students by covering their fees, providing school supplies, and ensuring they have uniforms.

Since its inception, the school's enrollment has grown from 61 students to 300 in 2015, necessitating the expansion of facilities. Thanks to the generous support of Grapes for Humanity Canada, funds were secured to construct a dedicated Middle School building on a separate parcel of land. This endeavor reinforces our unwavering commitment to providing a conducive environment for learning and fostering the future success of La Unión's students.

Through collaborative efforts, Access Education and our esteemed partners are empowering the youth of La Unión, enabling them to transcend the limitations of poverty and embrace a world of opportunities.

Two students at Instituto Basico de La Union talk about their experience as middle school students and the help that Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund Canada brought to their school.


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